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RAMC profile of:
Arthur Edwin (Louis) SLATER
[Service No:  42073]

Place or Date
of Birth:
Queenstown, Cork

Service Number: 42073

TF Number:

Rank: Pte

Unit: H.S. "Aquitania"

Attached To:

Enlistment Location: Liverpool

Also Served: Various - see below

Outcome: Survived the war

Date Died:
Age Died:

Where Buried and/or Commemorated:


Gazette Reference:

Other Information:

Arthur went by the name Louis. He enlisted on 6th October 1914. He was 32 years and 229 days old, and was a Photographer by trade. He was posted to serve with the 52nd Field Ambulance but was admitted into hospital, and was later transferred to “Y” Coy. He entered the war with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on 9th October 1915, serving on the Hospital Ship “Aquitania”. He then returned to the UK, and on 13th March 1916 embarked at Southampton with 22 Motor Ambulance Convoy. He was admitted into 15 Casualty Clearing Station on 20th May 1916, suffering with Eczema. After a spell in Nos 23 and 26 General Hospital he was sent to Base Details in Etaples on 9th June, who transferred him to Base Details in Rouen. On 21st June 1916 he was posted to serve with the 2nd Field Ambulance. He became part of a bearer team from the 2nd Field Ambulance who were sent up to do duty with the Bearer Division of No 1 Field Ambulance when he received a slight shrapnel wound to his leg on 8th September 1916. He was admitted into 1/3rd Northumbrian Field Ambulance, who transferred him to No 1 Divisional Rest Station. He was discharged on the 11th September but admitted into the 141st Field Ambulance on the 18th, feeling unwell. He was then evacuated back to 2 Canadian General Hospital, who evacuated him back to England on 22nd October 1916. On 15th December 1916, after recovering, Louis embarked at Southampton again for France, entering at Havre the next day. He was posted to serve with the 137th Field Ambulance, joining them, in the field on 21st January 1917. On 15th March 1917 he was admitted into the 19th Field Ambulance and evacuated back to 39 General Hospital due to illness. On 25th March he was sent to Base Details in Rouen, who posted him to the 113th Field Ambulance, joining them in the field on 7th April 1917. On 7th May 1917 he was again wounded in action but remained on duty. He was admitted into his unit the following day with a gun shot wound causing first phalanx to his second finger. On 10th March 1918 he was admitted into his unit suffering with Influenza. He was evacuated back to 10 Stationary Hospital, where he was treated until 1st May, when he was transferred to No 7 Convalescent Depot. On 19th May 1918 joined the Cyclists Base Depot in Rouen, who posted him to serve with No 38 Field Ambulance on 14th June 1918. He remained serving with this unit until the end of the war. On 19th May 1919 he was discharged from the army on demobilization. On 6th November 1919 he applied to rejoined, and was posted to serve with “B” Coy, under a new service number 207239. On examination however he was diagnosed to be unfit for further service and was discharged on 10th December 1919.

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