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RAMC profile of:
Frank Rex FLETCHER M.D., M.B., B.S., M.R.C.P.

Place or Date
of Birth:
Folkestone on 9th January 1890

Service Number:

TF Number:

Rank: a.Col


Attached To: 2/3rd County of London Yeomanry

Enlistment Location:

Also Served: Various - see below

Outcome: Continued to serve after the war

Date Died: 1974
Age Died: 84

Where Buried and/or Commemorated:


Gazette Reference:

Other Information:

Frank was educated at Dover College and the London Hospital Medical College, which he entered in 1907. He qualified M.B., B.S., London, in 1913 and was commissioned into the R.A.M.C., Territorial Force under the rank of Lieutenant on 28th September 1914. He became medical officer to the 2/3rd County of London Yeomanry [The Sharpshooters], with whom as a student, he had served as a trooper, and was promoted to Captain on 1st April 1915. During September 1917, he was drafted to Mesopotamia, where he served as adjutant to the River-Sick Convoy Unit. After the war Frank was granted a regular commission in the R.A.M.C. and served in India, Aldershot, West Africa and Tidworth. He became a specialist in Midwifery & Gynaecology in 1925, and he gained the rank of Major on 28th September 1926. Returning to university, Frank qualified M.D., M.R.C.P. in 1928 and on 3rd February 1931 he retired from the Forces to take up general practice in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone. On 1st September 1939 he rejoined the R.A.M.C., and during World War Two served with No 4 General Hospital, BEF, 1939-1940; as Medical Specialist at 15 Casualty Clearing Station, BEF, July - October 1940; as Officer in Command of No 12 General Hospital, MEF, 1940-1942; Officer in Command of the Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot 1942-1943 and No 24 General Hospital April - May 1943, as Senior Medical Officer for the Gambia Area, West Africa and Commanding Officer of 55 [WA] General Hospital 1943-1944, Officer in Charge of 55 [WA] General Hospital Jan - March 1944, 36 & 38 [WA] General Hospitals in 1944 and as Medical Specialist of 134 General Hospital from March - April 1945. During this time he was acting Lieutenant Colonel from 29th October 1940 to 28th January 1941, temporary Lieutenant Colonel from 29th October 1941 to 6th October 1942 and 15th November 1942 to date unknown, and acting Colonel from 22nd October 1943 to 14th January 1944 and 1st February to 5th March 1944. Frank demobilized on 9th January 1945 and ceased employment on 30th April 1945, returning to the Royal Victoria Hospital as a physician. He was later appointed physician and cardiologist for south east Kent in 1948. He retired in 1956, having reached the age of 65 but continued to work as a member of Pfizers, initially at the Old Majestic Hotel in Folkestone and subsequently at Sandwich, until 1962. Frank was the eldest son of Frank Fletcher, professor of music, of 6 Brockman Road, Folkestone. [Sources of information: The Medical Officers in the British Army 1660 - 1960; MIC; Frank’s obituary and his family]

Additional Information: Date Added: Friday 28 December, 2012
Photographs courtesy of Frank's family

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