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RAMC profile of:
Charles William DUGGAN M.B. C.M.

Place or Date
of Birth:
Edinburgh on 14th October 1866

Service Number:

TF Number:

Rank: Major


Attached To:

Enlistment Location:

Also Served:

Outcome: Drowned

Date Died: 10/10/1918
Age Died: 51

Where Buried and/or Commemorated: UK - Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton

Awards: MiD

Gazette Reference: 1917

Other Information:

Charles was educated at Daniel Stewart's and George Watson's Colleges, graduating M.B., C.M. IN 1887 at Edinburgh University. During this time he was assistant to the professor of medicine, and did some research work on the coagulation of albumen. On leaving Edinburgh he studied at Vienna, Prague, and Paris and in 1891 joined the Army Medical Services with the rank of Captain. He served on the West Coast of Africa, taking part in the expedition against the Sofas, for which he obtained the medal and clasp. He was able to keep up his research work, and in 1897 contributed a paper to the Medico-Chirurgical Society of London in the parasite of malaria. Later he served in Gibraltar, India, and Burma. He was gazetted Major in 1903 and retired from the service in 1909. On the outbreak of the war his hospital was enlarged to accommodate B.E.F. patients, giving him the opportunity of thoroughly testing the ichthyol and glycerine treatment of gunshot wounds, which he advocated in a number of articles in various medical papers. His death occurred on his return from a court-martial at Cork when traveling on R.M.S. Leinster on the day it was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the Irish sea. *The night before, Charles, along with Lieutenant Robert Bassett booked into Ross’s Hotel, Parkgate Street, in Dublin. Also staying at the hotel was Lieutenant Halse of the New Zealand Army, who had been hospitalised in Ireland for an injured left shoulder. To keep the shoulder in position he had his left arm clamped in an iron frame. Duggan, Bassett and Halse would travel on the Leinster the following morning. [*Information kindly provided by Philip Lecane] Charles was the only son of Maj. William Nelson Duggan, M.D. of Edinburgh (Army Medical Service); and the husband of Crystal Duggan, with whom he married in 1895, of Rosemount, Dunmow Hill, Fleet, Hants. He left three children. [Information sources: CWGC, The Watson War-Record 1914 - 1918; The Medical Officers in the British Army 1660 - 1960 and The Lancet (List of R.M.S. Leinster casualties kindly provided by Philip Lecane)]

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