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RAMC profile of:
Herbert St Maur CARTER M.D., M.B. B.Ch.

Place or Date
of Birth:
7th May 1878

Service Number:

TF Number:

Rank: Lt/Col

Unit: Army Medical Services

Attached To: 5th Field Ambulance

Enlistment Location:

Also Served:

Outcome: Continued to serve in the army after the war

Date Died: 10th February 1957
Age Died: 78

Where Buried and/or Commemorated:

Awards: DSO; MiDx3

Gazette Reference: 23/6/1915; 17/2/1915 & 22/6/1915 & 29/5/1917

Other Information:

Herbert was educated at Framlingham College in Suffolk, and then studied medicine at Trinity College, Dublin where he qualified M.B. B.Ch. with honours in 1904, and then proceeded to M.D. the same year. In 1904, after qualifying, he took up a position as House-Surgeon at the Adelaide Hospital in Dublin, but after passing his army surgical/medical entry exams, he took a regular commission with the Medical Services on 30th July 1904, serving as a Lieutenant on probation (LG and BMJ). He was confirmed in the rank the following year on 2 July 1905 (LG). In 1906 he was appointed Specialist Surgeon at Cambridge Hospital, Aldershot (BMJ), and on 3 March 1908 he was promoted to Captain (LG). In 1912 and 1913 he served with the British Red Cross Commission in Serbia as Surgeon Captain, where he commanded one of the twelve Red Cross Units during the First Balkan War. For his distinguished service during these operations he was made a Commander of the Serbian Order of St Sava by the King of Serbia, which was later announced in the London Gazette on 9th March 1917. In January 1914 after his return from the Balkans, he served with Aldershot Command again as a Specialist Operative Surgeon at the Cambridge Hospital (BMJ). He entered the war in France on 19 August 1914 with the 5th Field Ambulance. Herbert was promoted to Major on 1st July 1915 (LG) and was then immediately promoted again to Temporary Lieutenant Colonel and placed in command of 5th Field Ambulance. (LG 18 April 1916). After the war Herbert reverted back to Major and took up a senior position at the Cambridge Hospital in Aldershot as a surgeon (BMJ). On 27 January 1928 (LG) he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and he also married Cecily V E Thompson in the same year. On 31 January 1930 (LG) he was placed on the Reserve List of Officers due to ill health. On 12 May 1933 (LG) he was released from the reserve list of officers as he had, 'attained the age limit of liability to recall'. After retiring from service he settled in the village of Mortimer, near Reading, where he took a great interest in the people and village affairs, and during the Second World War he served as a senior ARP Medical Officer with the Civil Defence. Herbert died at Mortimer near Reading. His obituary states -"H. St Maur Carter was one of the generation of officers before the First World War, when the prestige of the R.A.M.C. reached it's highest peak; an era associated with the names of Bruce, Leishman and many other officers who gained international fame........He was the ideal army doctor, being a keen soldier, but a doctor first and last. Cultured and well informed, he possessed a kindly nature which endeared him to all his friends. With a keen sense of humour and a store of anecdotes and reminiscences derived from his service in various parts of the world, he was always the best company." Herbert was the son of Major Edward Augustus Carter and the Hon. Mary Hannah Augusta of Clifton House, Dublin. His father served with the 1st Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters, and his mother's father was Charles Hare Hemphill, 1st Baron Hemphill of Cashel and Rathkenny, who was Solicitor General for Ireland between 1892-95 and also the Member of Parliament for Tyrone between 1895-1906. Herbertís Great Grandfather was Lord Frederick Spencer Hamilton, the sixth son of James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn and Lady Louisa Jane Russell, the daughter of John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford. [Information researched and kindly provided by Michael W Cook]

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