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  noktaH.S. "Aberdonian"
  noktaH.S. "Anglia"
  noktaH.S. "Aquitania"
  noktaH.S. "Asturias"
  noktaH.S. "Britannic"
  noktaH.S. "Cambria"
  noktaH.S. "Ebani"
  noktaH.S. "Galeka"
  noktaH.S. "Glenart Castle"
  noktaH.S. "Guildford Castle"
  noktaH.S. "Morea"
  noktaH.S. "Neuralia"
  noktaH.S. "Nevasa"
  noktaH.S. "Salta"
  noktaH.S. "St Andrew"
  noktaH.S. "St David"
  noktaH.S. "St Patrick"
  noktaH.S. "Stad Antwerpen"
  noktaH.S. "Warilda"
  noktaH.S. “ Carisbrooke Castle”
  noktaH.S. “ Essequibo”
  noktaH.S. “Dongola”
  noktaH.S. “Dunluce Castle”
  noktaH.S. “Gloucester Castle”
  noktaH.T. Arcadian
 RAMC men who lost their lives whilst on board other ships 
 H.M. Transport Royal Edward 
  noktaH.M.S. "Hythe"
  noktaR.M.S. Leinster
  noktaS.S. Normandy
  noktaS.S. Transylvania
  noktaServed on unknown Hospital Ship
 Unit not yet known 
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  William George    William George ALBURY 
  Herbert Shirrell    Herbert Shirrell ANDREWS 
  Albert    Albert ATKINS 
  Harold    Harold BAKER 
  George William    George William BARTHOLOMEW 
  Walter    Walter BERRY 
  Harry Ernest    Harry Ernest BISHOP 
  William Graham    William Graham BOLTON 
  Thomas Charles    Thomas Charles BROWN 
  James Turner    James Turner BROWN M.B., Ch.B. 
  Arthur    Arthur CALVERT 
  Fred    Fred CHAPLIN 
  Thomas Frederick    Thomas Frederick Chapman 
  Edward George    Edward George COLBEAR 
  Edward Douglas    Edward Douglas CONVIE 
  Samuel John Thomas    Samuel John Thomas COOPER 
  Henry    Henry CORBIN 
  Walter    Walter DRAPER 
  Arthur Charles Vinson    Arthur Charles Vinson DYER 
  Archibald Carlyle    Archibald Carlyle EDWARDS 
  Harold Victor    Harold Victor ELSEY 
  Rowland John    Rowland John FLUX 
  Archie    Archie FYSON 
  Caleb    Caleb HAMPTON 
  Albert    Albert HARTLEY 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 83 profiles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  [Next >>] 
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